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Managed Services

Modern Work

Supporting your users

Our Modern Work Team supports all of the systems with which your users interact, centred on the Microsoft 365 suite of applications, wherever and however your users are connected.

At its heart is our market-leading Helpdesk service, manned by our team of dedicated Microsoft certified technicians, ready and waiting to take on any and all issues raised by your users.

We'll also manage all of your devices, both PC and mobile, via Microsoft Intune, and help you keep on top of your hardware assets with detailed analytics.

Pricing is based on the size of your IT estate, with three-month rolling contracts, financially backed by a Service Level Agreement.

Experts in Microsoft and beyond

Not only does our Modern Work Team specialise in all things Microsoft 365, but it is also skilled in supporting Microsoft Windows desktop operating systems as well as mobile devices, both iOS and Android.

We can assist users wherever they are and on whatever device, helping with remote access from home or on the road just as easily as if they were in the office.

Microsoft Windows Microsoft 365 Microsoft Office Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Outlook Microsoft Teams Microsoft Sharepoint Microsoft OneDrive Microsoft Defender

Migrations to Microsoft 365

If you're not already using Microsoft 365 to its full potential, our Modern Work Team can help you.

  • Microsoft 365 deployments and migrations
  • Migration of all of your existing mailboxes and services with minimal downtime
  • On-going support and mailbox provisioning
  • Connection of your mobile devices to your new Microsoft 365 tenant

Device management and policy enforcement with Microsoft Intune

Our Modern Work Team can keep all of your devices, both PCs and mobiles, up-to-date and policy compliant with the help of Microsoft Intune. We will help you devise common-sense policies that ensure every machine in your network is optimised, safe and secure.

We can also configure Windows Autopilot to automatically on-board new Windows PCs, complete with your standard software load-out, whenever you have new starters to provide for.

What's more, when an employee leaves or a device is lost, we can remotely deactivate and wipe their devices to keep your data safe.

This service dove-tails into the work done by our Cybersecurity Team who can setup your systems to require users to connect from a compliant device in order to access sensitive systems within your network.

Hardware Assurance & Inventory

Your workstation lifecycle policy may be clearly defined, it may be break/fix or it may be something in between.

We can assist you in refining your existing policy while our Modern Work Team will handle all aspects of implementation. Your customised hardware assurance policy can include parameters such as:

  • Minimum and maximum lifetimes of a workstation in your estate
  • Minimum and maximum workstation specifications
  • Annual budget for hardware replacement

Our Hardware Assurance system automatically schedules replacements for workstations about to fall outside of your policy limits, giving you peace of mind that no computer or user is left behind.

And of course, your inventory, upcoming replacements and policy settings can all be viewed at any time via our management portal.

Example of historic and projected future workstation replacement rates and costs by specification
Example of workstation device type breakdown
Example of workstation operating system breakdown

4 out of every 5 issues resolved same-day

Our primary KPI on helpdesk is to resolve at least 80% of IT Support issues raised by our customers same-day, and we consistently achieve this.

We publish our latest performance stats right here on our website, and you can monitor your own personal statistics within our management portal.

The percentage of support issues raised with us that are fixed on the day they are raised.
28 day rolling average updated 25/06/2024

Call, chat or email

Contact our team however suits you best, via phone, email or our bespoke live chat system.

We aim to answer all calls within three rings, emails within fifteen minutes and our live chat is always manned and ready for a near-instant response.

Open 7am to 9pm, Monday to Friday

We offer our customers our full helpdesk IT services for up to 14 hours per day, from 7:00 am to 9:00 pm Monday to Friday, with 24/7 emergency IT Support coverage outside of those hours. You can choose from one of four help desk packages, depending on the best fit for your business.

Monday to Friday070809101112131415161718192021
Standard Helpdesk  9am to 5pm, 8 hours    
Early Helpdesk7am to 5pm, 10 hours    
Late Helpdesk  9am to 9pm, 12 hours
Comprehensive Helpdesk7am to 9pm, 14 hours

Issue management & analytics

Account administrators within your business can monitor key statistics and performance indicators on our service at any time via our secure management portal, including:

  • Call rates
  • Resolution rates
  • Issue lifetimes
  • Lists of all issues raised and their current status
  • Upcoming bookings and events

Analytics & Reporting

my.ctm Example
my.ctm Example

ctm is extremely reliable and efficient and helped us to work seamlessly through the pandemic!

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