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Microsoft 365

Referral Programme

Reduce your Microsoft 365 bill by up to 100% when you introduce other businesses to ctm.

Not only do we guarantee we'll beat your current deal when you switch to paying for your Microsoft 365 products with us, you can save even more if you introduce other businesses to ctm.

As soon as you sign up, you'll be given your unique Referral Code which you can pass to your customers, suppliers, partners - anyone who you think will benefit from switching to ctm.

What's more, we'll even give them an extra discount for being referred!

Tell your customers, suppliers and partners to use your referral code when signing-up
They will receive an additional 2% discount on everything they purchase in their first year
You will receive a reward equal to 2% on those purchases over the same period

There's no catch, it really is just as simple as switching and saving!

Worked example

  • You recommend ctm to one of your customers.
  • They sign-up using your referral code and switch their Microsoft 365 licences to ctm.
  • The total cost of their subscriptions in their first year with us is £4,800 per month before discount.
  • You receive a reward equal to 2% of their first year spend, saving you £96.00 per month.
  • They also receive an additional 2% discount because you referred them, saving them a further £96.00 per month.

Referral Terms & Conditions

  • Referrer rewards will be itemised on your bill(s) each month.
  • The maximum reward available accross all of your referrals is 100% of your bill(s).
  • If you have more than one tenant and your rewards exceed the value of a single bill, rewards will be spread across multiple bills.
  • Both referrer and referral accounts must share the same billing currency.
  • Rewards will be triggered once the referral account has paid, meaning they are usually applied one month in arrears.
  • The full reward may not be available on certain products which are billed at cost.
  • Referrer rewards will not be applied to any products on which the referral account has negotiated specific discounted pricing above and beyond the standard offer.
  • If you have any questions regarding the referral programme, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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