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Managed Services


Fueling your understanding

Unlock the data behind our services and gain new transparency and insights into your IT with our range of tools and reports, free-of-charge with all of our service offerings.

Our web-based management portal is written and developed in house by our team of technology experts. Encrypted, secure, and private, it allows you to look behind the service we provide to gain real insight into your organisation's demands on IT.

  • View all support issues raised
  • Analyse by keyword, time of day, day of week and severity
  • Monitor key performance indicators such as Same Day Resolution and Service Level Agreement (SLA) compliance
  • Analyse your workstation inventory
  • Review Hardware Assurance policies and replacement schedules
  • View recent bills and all invoices online

Access to our management portal is included free-of-charge to all customers.

Monitor key performance indicators

As an IT Support customer you can monitor our performance against our two main KPIs. We publish our overall performance across all of our customers here, but within the portal you can view the same statistics personalised to you.

Issues resolved same-day

The percentage of support issues raised with us that are fixed on the day they are raised.
28 day rolling average updated 23/06/2024

Issues within SLA

The percentage of support issues raised with us that are fixed within the time allowed under our Service Level Agreement (SLA).
28 day rolling average updated 23/06/2024

Analyse and review all support issues

You can unlock insights into the nature and frequency of your IT problems with detailed analysis of all issues raised with our IT Support & Helpdesk service.

Analyse raised issues by:

  • Priority
  • Status
  • Time of day
  • Day of week
  • Lifetime
  • Subject
  • Keyword instances

You account manager will work with you to identify trends and help eliminate perennial problems once and for all.

Example of number of new calls raised per day with trend
Example of mix of calls by the time of day they were raised
Example of mix of calls by the day they were raised
Example of mix of calls by priority

Workstation inventory and hardware assurance

As a customer you can view a complete workstation inventory within the portal, including breakdowns of your estate by manufacturer, operating system and device type.

Our Hardware assurance service allows you to view the age of all workstations and set life cycle policies to schedule a rolling upgrades.

Example of historic and projected future workstation replacement rates and costs by specification

Paperless billing and cost analysis

You can review all of your invoices and a current statement of account securely at any time, and dig deeper into your IT spend to see historic trends with out Cost Explorer tool.

Example of mix of costs by overall product category over the last year

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