Desktop, Laptop & User IT Support

Our Desktop, Laptop & User IT Support package ensures that all of your PCs run smoothly, both now and well into the future, protecting your investment in your organisation's infrastructure.

The package includes:

  • Regular maintenance inspections
  • Security patches, updates and reboots
  • Antivirus and malware protection
  • Telephone and email helpdesk
  • Regular onsite visits*

* Optional element, you choose what's best for you

Telephone and Email Helpdesk

We operate a dedicated telephone and email helpdesk during office hours. Our technicians can connect directly and securely to your desktop or laptop to diagnose problems remotely, allowing the majority of telephone support calls to be resolved there and then.

Maintenance Inspections, Backups & Security Patches

We ensure all of your desktops and laptops receive the latest security patches and updates, managed and centrally deployed automatically from your servers.

We'll work with you to ensure all business critical data is stored on your servers where it can be protected and regularly backed-up, and not left isolated on individual desktops or laptops.

If you opt for us to visit you onsite regularly, we'll also perform regular physical maintenance inspections and checks on your desktops and laptops too.

Mobile & Tablet Devices

Access to email, the Web and other IT services on the move is increasingly important, so we make sure that your users aren't left stranded when out of the office. We can help you setup and manage your devices, connect them to your email servers and help users when problems arise.

Onsite Visits

We can make regular, scheduled onsite maintenance visits to perform a range of proactive tasks on each desktop and laptop. We believe that face-to-face contact is the best way to get a true picture of the health of your IT. We are also able to tackle any issues individual users may be facing on-the-spot, saving the need for a call.

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