Contracts & Pricing

Our support contracts offer comprehensive cover.

We organise our work into a Core portion which we provide each month for a fixed amount and a Flexible (Flex) portion which varies based on call volumes and your priorities.

Core Flex Explained

Core Support

Covers the day-to-day support that keeps your systems running smoothly, including all the regular monitoring, maintenance and help you need. For more information, find out more about IT Support Packages.

Flex Support

When you need changes made, you want flexibility to spend a little more, but when things are quiet, a little less.

All our contracts include a flexible portion which can be used when needed or not at all. We will work out a suitable flexible budget with you at the start of the contract to make sure you get what you need.

Parts: Hardware & Software Procurement

We have strong relationships with key IT suppliers and can recommend, supply and install the right solution to meet your needs.

As an ISO9001 registered and certified firm our suppliers all undergo a regular approval process.  Our prices are not the cheapest, but neither are they expensive, nearly always below the RRP. We do not seek to maximise our profits from parts sales.

Our margin covers specifying & sourcing the parts, arranging & taking delivery with secure storage, verifying & validating the parts and critically ensuring the parts are fit for purpose, meet your needs & are compatible with the wider systems.

We will be happy to install and maintain parts sourced from alternative or cheaper suppliers but recommend caution when procuring parts from unknown suppliers sourced by someone who is unfamiliar with the IT systems.

Project Work

We have extensive experience in designing and implementing infrastructure projects. We can provide fixed price quotations for everything from small upgrades to large system migrations.

IT Installations & Projects...

Itemised Issue Tracking

Every issue is tracked using our comprehensive ticketing and reporting system. Our technicians log every detail of every issue and we include a complete list of all Flex issues tackled each month with our invoice.

Contract Length

All our contracts have a short notice period of three months. So if you need to change your commitment levels or if you change your mind you are not locked into a long term.

If your need is a one off and you just need some expert help we can provide an ad-hoc service without a contract.

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Ben Armitage

Ben Armitage
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