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Service Level Agreement

The purpose of this SLA is to provide a description of the levels of service you will receive as part of a Managed Services contract with us.

The response time we provide on support issues is dependent on the priority of the problem. In this way issues that affect multiple users and prevent your organisation from operating are prioritised the highest.

We provide fixed response times for issues of each priority, and if we do not deliver a diagnosis within the allotted time we will refund 5% of your monthly Managed Services costs.

Response Times

PriorityDescriptionResponse time1
EmergencyBusiness critical system down1 hour2
CriticalMultiple users affected with no workaround4 business hours
SevereMultiple users affected but workaround availableNext working day
MajorSingle user affected with no workaround5 working days3
MinorSingle user affected but workaround available5 working days3
1 Helpdesk hours are 9am-5pm and working days are Monday to Friday excluding Bank Holidays unless otherwise agreed
2 Applicable to helpdesk hours and out-of-hours support
3 Typically 80% of issues resolved same-day, 100% within SLA timescales. Find out more.

Our Helpdesk can confirm the priority that your issue has been assigned on request when you place a support call. If your call relates to an existing issue, your details will be combined with it and its priority may be raised.

Response times apply from the point of Notification to the point of Response.


The time and date that the issue is first logged with our tracking system. Our Helpdesk can confirm this time for you on request. To raise an issue, it is crucial that you use one of the approved methods of Communication detailed below to ensure that it is dealt with appropriately.


The time and date that we notify you of our recommendations to treat the issue. We will always use one of the approved methods of Communication detailed below. Our diagnosis will include whether a fix is possible, and if so, an estimate on how long that fix will take to implement.

The time taken to fix the issue is not included in the response time. Examples of issues that may need additional time are ones requiring contact with third-parties or need replacement parts to be ordered. Occasionally some problems will be known issues in third-party products and there may be no fix.

Out-of-hours support

We provide an out-of-hours hotline service for Emergency issues only. In the event of a business critical system failure you can contact us 24/7 and our on-call Technician will respond within the standard time allotted.


To contact us

0330 500 1215
Live Chat/Web Form

To contact you

Direct to the individual that raised the issue where possible
Provided we have your address on record
Please note: you must adhere to these communications methods for this SLA to apply.


If we fail to provide a Response within the maximum Response Time stated above, we will deduct 5% off the Managed Services charges on the given contract from your next support invoice.

These deductions are limited to a maximum of one 5% deduction per day and one deduction per issue. The maximum deduction we will make in one month will be 100% of the invoiced Managed Services charges.

You must notify us using any of the Communication methods listed above as soon as you feel that we have exceeded our maximum response time for any issue.