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Nimmbus is changing to ctm Information Technology

by Matt Cannon
August 2023

As a part of our firm-wide rebrand, the Nimmbus name will soon be retired.

We'll still be offering the same great savings on Microsoft 365 and Azure products, but we're bringing the Nimmbus and ctm IT Support brands together under our new ctm Information Technology name.

The Nimmbus website (www.nimmbus.com) and this site will be merging in the next few days, and the Nimmbus app (uk.nimmbus.app) will be moving to cloud.ctm-it.com. The app will remain functionally unchanged and continue working throughout. Users will be automatically redirected to the new name once the update drops.

I you are a Nimmbus customers and you have any questions or concerns about the change, please don't hesitate to contact us to discuss.