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ctm IT Support is changing

by Matt Cannon
July 2023

To better reflect the growing range of products and managed services that we provide our customers, we are excited to announce a switch of our trading name (back) to ctm Information Technology.

The name isn't a new one; we were using it for many years before the switch to ctm IT Support way back in 2012, and our ctm-it.com domain name has been in service since 2002!

ctm-it.com in 2009
ctm-it.com in 2012
ctm-it.com in 2014

What is brand-new though is the branding - a new logo and colour scheme to take us boldly into the future!

ctm Information Technology
ctm Information Technology

This new brand will be replacing all ctm IT Support and Nimmbus branding over the coming weeks, uniting the two sides of our business under one name for the first time.

Watch this space!