Referral Programme

If you're an existing customer and know someone that could benefit from our help with their business IT then you can earn rewards by referring them to us.

Any referrals that you earn can either be used to reduce your monthly bills or paid to you directly - it's completely up to you!

Earn Rewards Through Referrals

If you refer us to a company which commissions a project you will earn 2.5% of its value*. For example, a typical server installation project costing £5,000 in labour would earn you £125.

If you refer us to a company which signs an ongoing support contract you will earn 50% of the referred first month's Core subscription**. For example, a typical support contract with a monthly Core spend of £1,000 would earn you £500.

Sign Up Now

If you are interested in signing-up to our referrer plan simply contact us for more details:

Rupert Davey
Managing Director 
0330 500 1215

* 2.5% of the labour element of project work with an overall value of £1,000 or more
** IT Support Core+Flex support contracts with a Core spend of £500 per month or more.

Rewards are only available as part of a formal Referral Agreement. Existing contract customers only. Terms & Conditions apply.