GlobeBusters Ltd

Server Decommission & Cloud Migration

Retire aging server and migrate all workloads to Office 365, SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

GlobeBusters Ltd is one of the worlds’ leading motorcycle expedition and tour operators and was founded in 2004 by Guinness World Record Holders for global motorcycle travel Kevin & Julia Sanders.

Problem Statement

Email was already on Office 365 but flat file data was held on a server running onsite.  Client machines were robust, but old, Windows 7 laptops and data was accessed over a VPN and basic business internet connection.

For such a globally roaming company, a fixed server was a big limitation.  Julia and Kevin took files with them on their laptops, duplicating data and then having to wait until they got back to the UK to upload files.  The IT was turning into bit of a pain.

Solution & Benefits

Extending their use of Office 365, we migrated all flat file data to SharePoint Online and user data to Microsoft OneDrive for Business.

Legacy Windows 7 clients were replaced with new Dell Latitude laptops running Windows 10 Pro and featuring BitLocker encryption.  These were Azure Active Directory Domain Joined and managed through Microsoft Intune for extra peace of mind.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS) provided all the features needed to secure and manage the machines wherever they are in the world.

The server was retired, saving on running costs and making Globebusters a truly global company.

Why didn’t we do it sooner?!
, Managing Director
GlobeBusters Ltd

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