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Office 365 Mailflow

Technical issues around mail flow in Office 365

Problem Statement

Audiologic were experiencing some complicated technical issues around mail flow in Office 365, along with a Sage 200 installation that was significantly behind schedule for various reasons.  Staff adoption of the various platforms was starting to become adversely affected as a result.

Solution & Benefits

The Sage consultants, having worked with us before, recommended our services to Audiologic.  We quickly resolved the email issues by correcting some fundamental configuration problems within Office 365, culminating in thorough ‘end-to-end’ user testing to ensure that confidence and full usability was quickly restored.  Overall security of the Office 365 installation was also subsequently improved, and our recommendations for the server systems (underpinning the Sage 200 installation) were soon taken on board.

ctm allow us to really feel that we have own in-house I.T. support team. What is very important to us as a fast-paced business is that they are timely, thorough, resourceful and provide great customer service. I would highly recommend ctm IT Support to anyone and see them as a valuable asset to our operations.
, Managing Director
Audiologic Ltd

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