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Simply the best IT Support for Business

by Rupert Davey
July 2020

Simply the best IT Support for Business

Here at ctm IT Support we have a passion for technology.

We design, deploy and support IT systems for businesses throughout the country from 7am to 9pm Monday to Friday. Many businesses demand reliable, affordable, competently managed and IT infrastructures that help their business expand and succeed.

Technology should be a strategic pillar of your business, not a painful cost centre.

Specialising in Microsoft technologies, we provide a complete, outsourced IT service including onsite and remote technical support, 24/7 system monitoring and supply of the latest hardware and software.

If you feel you’ve been let down or disappointed by your current IT provider, ctm IT Support covers all the areas, from managed IT support and cloud infrastructures to on premise infrastructures and parts procurement.  Most importantly, our unique intelligent analytics and reporting platform provides transparency and accountability.

Intelligent Analytics & Reporting

We want to show you what’s going on with your IT systems.

Our business intelligence platform is developed by our team in Cambridge. It's encrypted, secure and private.  Roll based security allows your staff to see workstation information, invoicing and other secure areas.  You can track and analyse ticket keywords, review your bookings and view invoices all in one place.

You can see key performance indicators such as Same Day Resolution rate, Service Level Agreement resolutions, plus call rates, call priority mix, call times, call lifetime... and much, much more!

You should know what your IT support company does for you.

Reporting from a single pane of glass

Are you struggling to identify the areas that your current IT provider are (or aren’t) working on?

Are you uncertain that they’re actually doing anything to support you?

As a business partnered with ctm IT Support, you will benefit with visibility and your own login to our unique my.ctm portal. As your single pane of glass, my.ctm provides an unrivalled level of visibility.  Granular drilldowns of the workstation inventory, billing, cost explorer and support ticket subjects are all available.

Scheduled & organised

Complete service transparency is provided to all customers of ctm IT Support. Within the my.ctm portal, you’ll also benefit from the visibility of your scheduled engineer appointments and planned work, complete with Outlook calendar notices for key staff.

Keyword identifier & analysis

A stand-out feature in helping identify patterns and repeat issues is the Keyword Analysis tool. Receive a word-cloud visualisation of your most logged keywords in ticket subjects. At a glance, it provides an overview of the volume of related support cases that have been logged. Need to drill down further? Not a problem. Granular details are on-hand should you wish to further analyse any patterns or trends with the support cases raised by your team.

What are you really paying for?

Do you lack financial clarity from your IT provider?

Do the invoices lack detail?

Unlike other IT providers, ctm IT Support deliver financial clarity out of the box, by default and for all customers. Simply login to your my.ctm portal and check out the Cost Explorer.  You will see exactly where your IT budget goes including full invoice details, statements and trend analysis over time for each spend category: Core, Flex, Parts, Projects and Cloud.

Further analysis includes is category by month, which provides cumulative comparisons.

Top Parts, Top Flex and invoice details are all available securely online.

Next steps

If you want visibility on your IT support company, read more about our Intelligent Analytics & Reporting platform.

If you would like to discuss switching to ctm IT Support, contact us now.