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ctm IT Support upgrade phone system to Microsoft Teams

by Louise Lewis
September 2021

In the coming days we will be updating the ctm IT Support phone system to be based solely on Microsoft Teams.

You shouldn’t notice any disruption and all our UK phone numbers are staying the same.

There’s a slight change to the automated voice used and we’ve updated some of our messages, but it’s still the same ctm IT Support team behind the scenes picking up the calls.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution Provider, we want to lead by example and maximise our use of Microsoft technology wherever possible. Adding Microsoft 365 Business Voice to our production systems is a cost effective, technologically sound move, inline with our goals of simplified and integrated IT systems.

This is a major upgrade to our systems and further increases our ability to support our customers remotely, support our customers on the move, support our customers from home and support our customers from our offices.

As always, in addition to calling us, you can always live chat with our team, or raise a support ticket, online. Simply visit my.ctm-it.com and click Chat Now.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss moving your phone system to Microsoft Teams, please contact us.

Thank you for your support.

Managing Director